28 October 2009

pushing forward

Construction has begun and it is going well. I wanted to take time to introduce Gabe Jordan to the future Recess participants. Gabe has worked for me at Elements and H2O so many of you are already familiar with him. He understands as well as anyone what I want to accomplish at the new store. Gabe will be acting as the GM of both the restaurant and the take away food store. He brings a vast knowledge of food, wine and service, so I am thrilled to have him on board. He will be a huge part of the blogging process as well, which is going to be the main form of communication for what is available at Recess, both in take away food as well as the daily menu for each dinner service. Look for Gabe's thoughts in future posts.

For now, we will continue to build, paint, design, shop and develop Recess. I want Recess to be a constant, organic work in progress. This will ensure it always stays fresh and exciting to us all! In the coming weeks I am going to start posting typical menus, as I need to start getting my culinary pencil warmed up..............

13 October 2009

Look, Up in the Sky..........

The chef is? :

a. spotting superman above
b. working on his latest dance move
c. reaching up to touch that dangerously live wire
d. ready to answer questions and have an e-dialogue about what Recess is all about

d...the purpose of this blog (as well as future recess blogs) is to keep everyone updated, informed and in the know. Things are going to change fast and often. I have a vision for this place, but it can only be realized with the help of great customers. So please comment, ask questions, give opinions, have a voice. This is going to be a unique restaurant adventure. I want to change the way a restaurant is "supposed" to be run.......

06 October 2009

A Sneak Peak of Recess Demolition

4907 North College Avenue

it used to be a beauty salon.....
I doubt that we will keep this sign (or the philosophy).

.....which family member isn't quite sure about this whole "restaurant business"?

the future dining room

.....and one of these days I will get all the old tile adhesive up and this can will be replaced with a 10 burner range