14 November 2009


The past week has certainly been a very sad time at Recess. My partner Gabe Jordan was hospitalized Sunday with a gun shot to the back. It really puts everything into perspective when a senseless tragedy such as this occurs. For complete information on the story and to find out how you can help the Jordan family go to gabejordan.org

Please take the time to browse the site and discover just how special Gabe is. Loving father, husband, son, brother and friend. He is obviously an incredible man. Reading all the messages of love and encouragement he has received I am reminded why I chose Gabe to help me open this restaurant.

That being said, he is equally as strong and no doubt will fight hard to come back as strong as ever for his family. I know Recess won't feel complete until he comes back to work.

...thankfully Gabe was there that day to help me figure out this high tech piece of equipment