25 September 2009

Recess the Restaurant

Recess is the restaurant that I have always wanted: a place where all the energy and expense are spent on the food and service, one where there are no culinary boundaries.

At Recess, I’m free to offer my interpretations of all great foods. This is my culinary playground.

~ Greg Hardesty

So when we invite you to our playground for dinner, we aren’t going to ask you to come to Recess and navigate an overwhelming menu. What we will do is cook a dinner that features the best local ingredients and reflects our mood in the kitchen. Whether its a seven course tasting menu, a Mexican taco fiesta , or somewhere in between, we’ll post the dinner menu online to get you hungry and ready for a break. That way, the minute you walk in our doors, your Recess begins. No more decisions, no more anxieties, just eating well. We’ve made the commitment to dedicate all of our energies and resources to making your meal enjoyable, memorable, and satisfying. Welcome to Recess.


Anonymous said...

The world is a better place when your cooking in it. STOKED!

Erin said...

Love the concept.

Sad that in practice this will likely exclude vegetarians more often than not :(

Good luck with your venture regardless.

Anonymous said...

We live winthin walking distance and are sooo excited to see this corner coming to life.

Please have a vegetarian option or two for us! We look forward to tasting your culinary artistry!

Karen said...

Ditto on the request for a vegetarian/pescatarian option. I've been excited for your restaurant to open, but wouldn't be able to eat most of what you are serving tonight. Thanks!

Heather said...

Made our first visit to Recess on Friday the 15th. We were thrilled to see Greg and Gabe back to work, as we dearly missed Elements. The food was fantastic (still thinking about the Artic Char) and the service outstanding. This will be a regular haunt for us.