25 September 2009

Recess Takeaway

Recess Takeaway is about taking a break at home. Stop by this corner of our playground for “restaurant prepped” dishes and small plates that you can assemble when you’re ready to eat.

We’re not playing around with hot, finished meals ready to eat out of the container. Instead, we’re letting you in on the fun by offering hearty soups, entrée salads, braised meats, roasts, veggies, tacos, and more—all ready for you to pick up, assemble, and enjoy.

Look for ever-changing offerings online but always expect some surprise sundries at Recess Takeaway.


Think Big said...

Can't wait for your doors to open! There will be many neighborhood regulars and others looking for a one-of-a-kind destination spot that will spice up our busy lives. Good luck and play on!

Bryan said...

This idea sounds incredible! We live a few blocks away and I get excited every time I drive by and see you guys working away.