11 December 2009


I need file cabinets, and instead of buying new ones, I want to "recycle" any that you may have. I am willing to trade soup for steel. I especially need 2 drawer desk sized file cabinets. I also need a big ol' fashioned desk or two; the kind you might find in front of a classroom with a teacher sitting behind it. If you have any you are ready to part with, please contact me at gshardesty[at]gmail.com

Thanks and we will see you soon at RECESS


M.Korte said...

Greg, Ping CHERYL, she might have a Fred Lehman desk? L8r DawG!!!

Julie said...

I don't have a DawG, but I will be happy to donate an antique serviceable desk that is taking up valuable space in my garage. I will see if I can send a picture tonight.
julie savage