20 December 2009

What's cookin?

Recess is hosting a staff holiday party for a friend of mine later this week. I wrote the menu with a Mexican theme. Here is what I am doing for them, and what would be a typical menu in the future at Recess (not necessarily always mexican, just a typical offereing). Yup, we are getting close..............

*oysters x 2*
fried oyster with chipotle remoulade
and a kumomoto oyster shot with a lime habanero mignonette

salad of cucumber, zucchini, arugula, pinenuts and cotija cheese,
cider vinaigrette

soup of chicken broth, chick peas, roasted poblanos
and a lot of cilantro

shrimp diablo with cumin crushed potatoes

fisher farms pork shank tacos with 2 salsas
{ verde & roja}

eggnog tres leches cake with peppermint whipped cream whipped cream
and toasted pecans

.......oh, by the way, Recess is always available for your group party needs. Just call and we will develop a menu together that meets YOUR needs


Troy said...

Wow, sounds delicious.


tristan said...

please don't tease me anymore. i find it makes the winter colder.

Mariandy said...

That sounds awesome! I can't wait to dine with you.