10 January 2010

317-925-PLAY (7529) is the number to call..........

Well, my painting, hole drilling, shelf hanging and lowes trips are over (almost).  time for me to be a chef again.  I am opening the restaurant at 5:30 on Tuesday.
Then I will try to get some retail soups and salads put together the following week.  Or I may just make it happen sooner.

Here is the menu for the first 2 days.  I will try to keep it as close to the descriptions as possible, with the understanding that small tweaks and improvements may happen.  And remember now, this menu is the whole meal.  All inclusive.  Individual courses are not available.  We have used this format for a few trial runs and everyone has been super excited and pleased.  One less decision to make in an already crazy world!

See you all soon at RECESS

shrimp, avocado and black bean tostaditos
with citrus vinaigrette

celery root and mushroom bisque with
celery salt popcorn

crisp pork belly with ponzu pickled cucumbers,
radishes and wakame seaweed

pan roasted eye of the beef ribeye with oven roasted tomatoes, 
haricots verts, melted onions, 
horseradish potato puree

port and pear sorbet

($45 per person)


skh said...

Cant wait! Your hard work coupled with your amazing staff will pay off. Congrats.

Bryan said...

Can't wait! Have reservations for Saturday!

robert said...

We may have to close Pizzology for a night and come down.Congrats.

Epimeleia Heautou said...

we're really eager to check out recess! will there be vegetarian alternatives for the meat items on the menu?

原來 said...