05 January 2010

will it ever open?

We are trying our best to get this dude open. We are currently dealing with brand new computer hard drive crashes, back ordered plates and silverware and all the other general restaurant opening hurdles. Notice the stress, the bags under the eyes, the sleeplessness..... stay tuned, we will get it done!

How about some positive food talk. If we get it open, this might be the first menu. A little seafood inspiration.

Salad of peekytoe crab, cucumbers, radishes, apples, wakame seaweed and avocado,
sesame ponzu vinaigrette
Wild rice gnocchi, oyster mushrooms and baby bok choy,
thyme infused root vegetable nage
Wild striped bass with local potatoes, arugula, fennel and scallions,
caper mustard sauce pretending to be "hollandaise"
chocolate pot de creme


donkey said...

Chef I can't wait to eat at your place. you are the best of indy.

Batali Clogs said...

Oh how these posts remind me of the days leading up to the legendary Elements. Great times, but I know that Recess will be even better. Those bags under your eyes aren't weariness, they're wisdom.
-cubby bear

Terri said...

am i allowed to speak freely here or do i have to treat you like some chef-god? let me know so i can behave accordingly. NICE PIC!! WHEN IS DINNER?? love, t

Lindy said...


martha said...

best of luck, Greg! Looks wonderful and John and I will be in soon